Next Generation Leaders

One of the reasons I am on Twitter is for the opportunity to follow Next Generation leaders. I appreciate what they have to see and I enjoy learning from them. Because of them I have great hope for the church.

Recently, I had an opportunity to work with a Next Generation leader over several days. This was not your typical ministry project – it was a bathroom remodel! Jordan is 25. I’m more than twice Jordan’s age. It was his house. I’ve known Jordan for about 4 years. He married my daughter. This was the first time I had worked on an extended project with him and I had a great time. In this situation I entered with the most experience when it comes to installing ceramic tile. Jordan has quite a bit of experience and skill with plumbing, construction, and electrical. He’s a welder by trade. So while I came into the project with age and experience on my side it was Jordan who was the lead. The way we approached the project was his call and I was working (volunteering) for him.

I was amazed at how quickly Jordan became comfortable working with tile. He was able to shape pieces and make special cuts using a hand-held grinder – something I’ve never attempted. He was able to visualize the completed project and take the steps to get us there – even bricking in a glass-block window. I know that this is one guy that I would want on my team whenever tackling another project – whether its a remodel project or not.

Jordan is representative to me of so many Next Generation leaders who love Jesus, love their wives, and love ministering to others. It is great to find myself in the company of these men (and women) who are leading the way for the church of today and tomorrow and are willing to share their ideas and skills with those of us who’ve been around a little longer. I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to learn from them.

If you are a NextGeneration leader how well do you work with those who’ve been leading a while? Do you invite them to join the team? Include them in the process? Value their experience? Are you learning from them? If you’re a current leader are you sharing leadership with the next generation? Do you value their ideas and perspective? Are you learning from them?

We have much to learn from one another in life and in ministry. Me? I’d like to learn how to shape pieces of tile with a hand-held grinder!

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