Meet Lucy!


Our first grandchild was born Friday, Sep 18, 2009 in Portland, OR.  Julie and I were there to see her birth and meet her for the first time!  We had been praying for Lucy by name for several months. She came in at 6 lbs 1 oz so of course, we call her Little Lucy –  for now.  She is doing well as are her mother and father!

I remember when our daughter was born just 26 years earlier and the significant experience that was for me as a first-time father. My understanding of the fatherhood of God took on a greater and clearer meaning for me – something that I understand is kind of a universal experience for new dads who follow Jesus.  As I helped parent Kelli over the years there were pretty clear changes in our relationship as she grew up and eventually married Jordan. The birth of Lucy had a similar significance because I now see my daughter and son-in-law in different roles and my relationship with them has changed once again.  I’m still Kelli’s dad and Jordan’s father-in-law, but they are parents, too. We have that in common now. And my parenting has become somewhat less important than it was just a few weeks ago.  It’s not that I think  I’m all of a sudden obsolete or insignificant in this family. It’s more that with the birth of a new generation come new leaders. My child is parenting her own child. They are great parents and are entering some of the most exciting and rewarding years of their lives. Years that I wouldn’t trade for anything!

So I’m going to enjoy being a grandfather to Lucy and her future siblings. I’m going to observe with respect and prayer Kelli and Jordan raising this precious little girl the way they believe is best for her. And I’ll keep praying for Lucy and her parents. They are a family full of love for each other and for Jesus. I love them all. I’m very proud of them and so happy to be Lucy’s grandpa!

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