Find Your Strongest Life – Book Review

_140_245_Book.88.coverAs a book review blogger for Thomas Nelson Publishers I have an opportunity to read a wide range of books. I found Find Your Strongest Life to be on the outside edges of that range. Author Marcus Buckingham subtitled his book: What the Happiest and Most Successful Women Do Differently. While I have enjoyed previous works by Buckingham – especially Now, Discover Your Strengths – I cannot recommend this volume to my readers. Find Your Strongest Life covers little new ground, and is filled with trite, simplistic advice. In answer to the question: What’s Stopping You? Buckingham writes on p. 130:

Look back over your life. Are there times when you rejected what you knew was true about yourself? Times when you heard a small voice calling you, but you turned your head away, and listened more closely to the voices of others? Times, even, when you deliberately drowned out this voice with your own shouting and claiming?

If you feel that you must read this book I would strongly suggest you utilize your local library and simply check it out for a few hours. The book is designed to breeze through it by focusing only on the “What To Take Away From This Chapter” shaded sections at the end of each chapter. One extended shaded section in chpt. 7 identifies different roles you play. This is perhaps the most interesting and helpful section in the book.

The key to Buckingham’s failure to provide ground-breaking material here is found in the first line of the acknowledgements:

This book grew out of an attempt to reply to the thousands of post we received on…

Perhaps most of this material would have been better presented in a return visit to Oprah’s couch or as a series of articles in O.

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