Are You Developing Brand Loyalty?

2007 Chevrolet HHR Fall Limited EditionI’m a “brand loyal” kind of guy. I am partial to Target because they had the best return policy on the planet until it was abused so badly they had to change it. (I once saw a man return a paint-splattered ladder because “he decided he didn’t need it after all!”) I’ve been a long-time member of AAA because they’ve always come through for me. A few weeks ago I made a visit to Chipotle for lunch. The owner of the store “comp’d” my meal because I’m a regular customer. What effect do you think that had on me? I continue to patronize that restaurant and I’ve told tons of people – including you! Recently, when the opportunity came to cash out our clunker for more than its trade-in value I bought a Chevy HHR. We now own two of those vehicles! Both of the car loans are with our credit union.

When I think about the reasons behind my loyalty I keep coming back to the same theme: good customer service. The dealership where we purchased our most recent vehicle sent us out the door with a full tank of gas and after completing the customer service survey they gave us another tank of gas. Pretty good service. I’m more likely to return there for service when needed.

How do you provide “good customer service” in your church? Do your leaders engage people before and after your weekend services? Are your group leaders caring for the people in their groups? Do you keep your leaders and members well informed? Do you express appreciation frequently to your leaders and volunteers? Do you celebrate together the transformation that God is bringing into people’s lives? What are you doing as a ‘second chair’ leader to create “brand loyalty” at your church?

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