View from the Dentist Chair

dentist chairI had a crown ‘seated’ today on a tooth that I had a root canal performed a few weeks ago. This was my 8th crown (bad genes) but the first one to be done in one visit! My dentist has this new-fangled CAD technology that takes pictures of your tooth and sends it to this device that carves your new crown from a block of porcelain in less than 8 minutes!  A few minutes later (and a few drops of super glue) and you walk out with a new tooth!

As an obviously frequent dental patient I appreciate the new technology that is relatively pain-free and quick. No more headlocks and tooth-pulling pliers. Nope. Now it’s just that pleasant grinding sound and the putrid smell of decay. I guess I’m grateful that the placement of our eyes makes watching this whole procedure pretty much impossible. I’m sure that a series of mirrors could be rigged up so that I could watch all the excitement. I’m just not sure that’s such a good idea. Like sausage making, some things are better surrounded by a bit of mystery.

I’m always amazed at how many pairs of hands and various dental tools are able to simultaneously fit in my mouth. I love it when the dentist tries to talk to you during the work. I’ve always been told not to talk with my mouth full. Apparently four hands, a water pick, a small vacuum, and power tools don’t count. And then there’s swallowing. What is the proper protocol for swallowing while in the dental chair? Do I wait for my mouth to be empty of hands and hand tools? Do I raise my hand? Or do I swallow at will? No one ever seems to tell you these things before hand!

I tried reading my Kindle while waiting for the crown to be manufactured but both the dentist and the dental assistant became seriously curious. I gave them the complete tour and answered all their questions. While I didn’t get any reading done I think I sold two more Kindles. (I think that makes 12). Does Amazon offer a commission sales program?

I had a lot of “me” time while sitting in the chair so I tried to figure out what day of the week is the best day to go to the dentist. Is the Monday after Halloween really a good time or will the dentist be pretty ticked about all the candy consumption? Maybe he will be overjoyed with all the additional work and income he will receive? If you live on the east coast maybe Tuesday mornings are bad if your dentist happens to be a Monday Night Football fan and he stays up too late. Is there a ‘good’ day to go to the dentist?

4 thoughts on “View from the Dentist Chair

  1. Floral Park Dentists

    It’s almost January and most people time for “New Year Resolution.” I have researched many places online and haven’t found much about “dentist New year Resolution.”(Funny!!) Just thinking of many ideas to get individuals who don’t see dentists on regular basis to invest some “times” and visit a local dentist. Your ideas will be appreciated. Thank you

  2. Rickie Darm

    Hey, great information! I’ve used this technique a number of times already and i’ve had great results. All dentists should take note of this. Fast with a good end result, what more could you ask for? Thanks.

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