An Amish Christmas – A Book Review

Hey, Guys! If you’re looking for a great stocking stuffer to give the woman in your life let me recommend an enjoyable volume of three Amish romantic stories called, “An Amish Christmas.” These three stories are written by three different authors but revolve around the same group of characters in the same Old Order community in Lancaster County, PA.

Each of the three novellas benefitted from extensive research into the practices and customs of the Amish and along the way explodes a variety of myths and misconceptions by most outsiders (or English). That research reveals a curious blend of tradition (style of clothing, horse drawn buggies, etc.) alongside a variety of modern concessions (battery operated kitchen appliances or power tools and a telephone shanty shared by several families).

The characters are well-developed and the stories are well-told. Each story stands on its own – they are not sequels – but I noticed a little inconsistency between stories. For example, the first story – “A Miracle for Miriam” – revolves around an improbable romance between Miriam and a young man named Seth. In the second story – “A Choice to Forgive” – Miriam’s character appears but is there is no mention of Seth. That can be a little confusing.

Although the stories are somewhat predictable their setting in Amish country provides a uniqueness that will keep the reader engaged and asking for more. “An Amish Christmas” makes a great addition to anyone’s collection of seasonal books and stories. Consider giving a copy to that special woman in your life. An Amish Christmas is available at Amazon for under $10.

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