7 Reasons to Choose the Kindle

First, a word of full disclosure: I own a Kindle2. My purchase of the Kindle prompted us to give one to my father-in-law for his 80th birthday. My brother-in-law also bought one and now I have purchased one for my wife for Christmas (she knows!). So I represent a Kindle family that enjoys reading books and likes their Kindles. Here are 7 reasons why you should choose the Kindle:

1) It’s been around long enough to have been tested and reviewed. I bought my Kindle back in February when the next generation Kindle first became available. Prior to that the original Kindle had been on the market for an extended period. This time period allowed for plenty of feedback, testing, and improvements. As of today the Nook still isn’t available to even try out in the stores.

2) Kindle’s WhisperNet is better than Wifi. With iPad’s wifi you have to be in a hot zone (or for the Nook you have to be in a B & N store). Not so with Kindle. The signal is available throughout the Sprint network and it’s FREE! You will pay more – much, much more – for this feature on th iPad.

3) Its capacity is huge! I can’t imagine ever storing 1,500 books on my Kindle but I’m glad that I can. It means that I never have to travel with a briefcase full of books again. The Sony Reader doesn’t even come close.

4) The book selection is just about endless. You do not have to buy your books through Amazon. The Kindle will read pdf formats and there is an easy conversion to have access to google’s half-a-million FREE ePub books available at A Kindle World blog.

5) Kindle offers real permanent sharing. The Nook’s sharing feature allows you to share a book just one time with one other Nook for just two weeks and never again – IF the publisher allows sharing for their book (most do not). With my Kindle I can share books on up to five devices on the same account. So my wife and I can share an ebook just like we would share a printed book. Again, follow the directions from A Kindle World blog.

6) Kindle does have a web browser. It’s pretty slow and somewhat limited but while on a recent trip to San Francisco I was able to look up some information for a church we wanted to visit. I didn’t have my laptop with me so without the Kindle I would have had to pay a fee at the hotel business center just to log in to their computer. The Kindle’s browser really came through for us. No other ereader has this feature.

7) Battery life. I don’t know how they do it but the battery life is just amazing – much longer than my cell phone or ipod. My experience is that it will last about a week if I’m just reading – longer if I shut it down completely when I won’t be reading for an extended period.

Three things that would make the Kindle even better.

1. A color touch-screen would be great someday but not if it slows things down or drains the battery life (like the Nook or iPad).

2. A non-skid back. The slick back of the Kindle makes it hard to rest it on your knee without holding on to it.

3. I would like to be able to change the screen saver with my own photos. It would make it more personal. This is one area where the iPad is superior to any of the eReaders available.

The Kindle is available only at Amazon.

4 thoughts on “7 Reasons to Choose the Kindle

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  2. revtrev

    Thanks for the thoughts about the kindle. I’ve been staying away from it as I really don’t like Amazon – as a customer, it’s great. As a publisher, especially from Canada, it’s a pain to work with. I’ll need to look to see if it’s worth setting up my books on it. Ingrams has the espresso machine that creates a book in a few minutes. I do think that’s the future of the book world… although I have talked with a patents expert about a book cover that is flexible and plays video like a book promo, interviews and reviews. We’ll see what wins out. 🙂

  3. Austin

    I had serveral mistakes in my previous post, specifically my saying that “On the Kindle you don’t have to buy through B&N either, you can use Amazon, or nearly any other place. And guess what? The Kindle can also use the PDF format.” I was intending to say “On the NOOK you aren’t limited to B&N, and that you can use Amazon, etc. And the NOOK can also read/use the PDF format as well.”

  4. Austin

    Nearly everything you said the Kindle can do, the Nook can do as well, with the exception of the web browser. But, for those of us who have something called a smartphone, we can just Google whatever we want from there. Examples of a smartphone: G1, HTC Hero, iPhone, etc….. Also, the Nook has free AT&T service, which receives service in more places then Sprint, including my house. AT&T is the only carrier that gets service at my house. The sharing feature on the Nook allows you to share with anyone with a Nook, not just somebody on your same account. Besides, who has 5 people on their account??? Also, do you really think that B&N would ignore the Kindle’s flaws and it’s advantages? Yes, it’s been tested and reviewed, but B&N would have taken that information and used it to make a better version of the Kindle (AKA the Nook). The battery life of something does’t need to last for a week… You won’t be reading for that long for any given time anyway. It really only needs to last 5-10 hours, and then you could do the unthinkable – charge it! You could even do this while you’re sleeping! Or, if it runs out while you’re reading it, plug it in… It’ll wok plugged in while it’s charging the same as if it were on it’s own. It shouldn’t run out while you’re going somewhere, because you would have charged it the night before. Going by car? Then use the car charger. On the Kindle you don’t have to buy through B&N either, you can use Amazon, or nearly any other place. And guess what? The Kindle can also use the PDF format. Plus, free books while you’re at B&N. Sure the Kindle can hold a lot of books, but so can the Nook. Not to mention if you ever run out of space on your Nook, you can use an SD card to get more space. That means that the memory is nearly limitless (More memory than the Kindle, though that amount is unnecessary). With WiFi, you can connect to the internet not only from a wireless hot spot, but also from your house (assuming you have a wireless router, as most families in America do have). So, all in all, I am lead to say that the Nook is nothing more then a glorified Kindle. I’m not trying to imply that the Kindle is as good or well made as the Nook, because it isn’t, I’m just trying to say that anything Kindle can do, Nook can do better.

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