Lakewood Police Officers Memorialized

Four police officers from Lakewood, Washington are being memorialized today in Tacoma by tens of thousands of police officers, elected officials, and ordinary citizens. The processional stretches more than 10 miles. These four officers were killed on a quiet Sunday morning because they were cops. They were writing reports and having coffee when they were slain by a  life-long criminal intent on taking out a few cops. The crime was horrific. The outpouring of grief is heart-warming.

Alongside the actions of one cop-killer was a series of  equally disturbing actions by a group of his friends and families. In the hours after this massacre of innocents the killer was harbored, transported, fed, and otherwise cared for. They lied to police and interferred in the investigation. Only one relative refused to help this killer. She went directly to the police with information about the whereabouts of this fugitive.

I am puzzled and deeply saddened by a willingness to offer aid in the face of so serious a crime. This wasn’t a set of unfortunate circumstances or the result of an accident. It was murder. Three men and one woman. Seated in a coffee shop. Wife, husbands, and parents. None older than 42.

We honor their service and memory today.

  • Sgt. Mark Renninger, 39.
  • Officer Ronald Owens, 37.
  • Officer Tina Griswold, 40.
  • Officer Greg Richards, 42.
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