Mentor Like Jesus

Regi Campbell’s ‘Mentor Like Jesus’ was one of the most anticipated books on my reading list. It moved into first position this week after I read Michael Hyatt’s endorsement and  signed up with Next Generation Mentoring to mentor a group of men in 2010. I was not disappointed. Regi clearly describes his journey of mentoring and how he has used the model of Jesus to shape his own mentoring ministry. Two important keys to that model include intentionality and commitment. Campbell is big on process – potential mentorees are invited to apply and if chosen are required to commit to attending ten monthly sessions, complete assignments, and show up on time. That’s a far cry from the way we do most things in the church – publishing blanket announcements,praying someone will respond, and taking whomever shows up. Campbell argues that Jesus did it differently when he handpicked his disciples.

I especially appreciate Campbell’s inclusion of scripture memorization. Too often we can focus on dispensing wisdom from our own point of view and just respond to situations as they arise. By using these foundational verses we communicate the importance of God’s Word in developing character and leadership.

Mentoring is a great role for second chair leaders. We have more flexible schedules and have more contact with next generation leaders than do most sr pastors. We are often freer to move among various groups of people without being held to a narrowly defined ministry group like youth pastors, worship leaders, children’s pastors, etc. That broad list of contacts places second chair leaders in an ideal position to mentor others. It has been a highlight of my ministry over the years.

“Mentor Like Jesus” provides a great introduction for Next Generation Mentoring – a ministry that equips leaders to mentor. They have developed a complete system to help you mentor successfully. You can see the details at If you’ve considered being a mentor I encourage you to get your hands on a copy of Regi Campbell’s book and hook-up with Next Generation Mentoring. Mentor Like Jesus is available at Amazon.

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