Portland’s Imago Dei

Julie and I had a great time last weekend in Portland. We stayed at our favorite hotel and celebrated our grand daughter Lucy’s first Christmas with her parents Kelli & Jordan. One of the highlights of our visit was attending Imago Dei Church on Sunday. As a secondchair leader in my church I spend most Sundays at Our Savior’s. There are just a handful of times that I am able to visit another church and Imago is one of those places I like to visit. One of the primary attractions for me is the simplicity of the way that Imago does church. They rent meeting space. The service is not complicated. The music is not a show. Little or no media. A music stand serves as a pulpit. The teaching is always biblically based and clear. No power point. No movie clips. No dog and pony show. Even the ‘bulletin’ is a simple two-sided single sheet (no inserts!).

Imago is among a growing number of churches that observe communion every Sunday as a response to the spoken Word and worship. At Imago there are several stations at tables across the front of the auditorium and more in the balcony. It’s incredible to watch as people prayerfully approach the table and pause as they take the elements. Some even kneel in prayer. Singles, couples, entire families taken communion together. There’s something so much more meaningful in this unhurried approach to communion than the typical rush-job at most churches.

If you’re ever in Portland I would encourage you to check out Imago but take note: They meet in an old high school auditorium that is usually pretty chilly – especially in winter. Dress warmly. Also, the school district is considering a consolidation plan that would close Franklin High School (where Imago meets). Check the website before heading to Franklin.

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