Team Mates or All -Stars?

If you are on staff at a church the chances are good that you do not occupy the first chair. There’s only one of those per church. The rest of the staff sits in the second chair. I am a second chair leader by choice. I enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes with being a step or two away from the “hot seat.” Second chair leaders fill many roles and perform many functions in support of the first chair leader and the rest of the team. Perhaps the most significant role is in shaping the culture of the organization.

The Gospel message is all about transformation. It has the power to transform people, families, and cultures. As ministers of the Gospel we get to be cultural change agents – especially as we influence and direct the culture of the church in which we serve.  We would all like to see our churches increase in their generosity, in their missional fervor, in their full-on love for Jesus. In most churches second chair leaders are given a slice of the pie to influence – youth, children,worship, sr adults, women, men, small groups, etc. As a result most of us end up working solo rather than in concert with one another to effect cultural change in our churches.

Regardless of your specific role as a second chair leader you must resist the temptation to create and live in a silo with little contact or concern for the other team members or their ministries. Regardless of you skill, giftedness, and ability your ministry will be better when its executed within a team.  I once had a church member reflect on a church staff by saying, “It’s kind of like the MLB All-Star game. It’s fun to watch them all on the field at the same time but you wouldn’t to go an entire season with them.” The problem with All-Stars is that they are not team mates!

Next week I’ll address some of the specific things that you can do as a second chair leader to create a sense of team.

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