Adding Value To The Team

If you work on a church staff and report to another staff member then you are a second chair leader. Some people approach these positions as internships that prepare them for the “real” ministry. Years ago, while serving as a full-time youth & CE pastor, I had a church member ask me if I had given any thought to going into the ministry! Thirty years later I can tell you with certainty that sitting in the second chair IS ministry – especially if you approach that role as an opportunity to add value to the team. I will address several different ways that you can add value to the team in upcoming posts. Today’s topic is communication.

Every team is different. Every first chair leader is different. So while your situation may be different from the one I will describe here, I believe that you can play a valuable role in creating effective means of communication between team members and to others in your church or organization. Here’s a short list of possibilities:

1. Keep the website up-to-date. You can be the “web-master” with very limited skills if you use a web design hosting service with an easy to use interface. Manage the content that gets posted there and watch over the member’s only pages. You could even work on creating a digital directory on the site. Those things add value to the team and to the overal mission of the church.

2. Keep the calendar before the team. With several staff members there is a risk at forming ministry silos and having competing use of limted sapces. Keeping the calendar in front of the staff at least monthly helps to minimize those brush-fires and that’s good for the team.

3. Manage the church-wide print communication pieces. I am the sr editor of our weekly bulletin. I try to bring some interesting design elements to it within the constraints of a limited (read: black & white only) budget. I design and author most (but not all) special insert pieces and the literature that is available at our Info Desk and the pre-service slides that show on our worship center screen and foyer monitors. Having one person manage the appearance and ‘voice’ of all of the written communication makes that communication clearer and consistent that adds value to the team.

4. Script the announcements. Again, for many of the reasons stated in #3 it is helpful to have the verbal announcements support the written announcements and to keep them on target.

5. Work with the team to create your mission and values ‘talking points.” I believe that it adds value to the team if they are able to clearly and simply articulate the mission and values of the ministry and to do so with essentially the same verbiage as any other team member. Remember, you work in this world every day but your church members ar around for only an hour or two each week. They will need to hear those statements repeatedly if you want to effective mold the culture of your organization.

What other communication items can you help with as a second chair leader in order to add value to your team?

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