The Love Dare Devo

From the people who brought us the Fireproof movie comes this handy volume of daily devotionals for married couples. My wife and I have more than 40 days of Love Dare devos under our belt andhave found it to be surprisingly good! I’m not embarrassed to say that we saw Fireproof. It was good – not great. And probably spoke to believers more than non-believers. I would have to admit that my expectations for this book – like the movie – were pretty low but what I have discovered is a thoughtful series of one-page devotionals that address various issues in marriage with courage and directness. There is a strong biblical presence, options to go deeper, and even weekly ‘dares’ to put what you read into practice. My wife and I are not newlyweds. We will mark 31 years of mariage this May. Through the years we have  tried +6 various devotionals but have found most of them leave us wanting more. The Love Dare Day by Day devotional has held our interest, sparked conversation, and informed our prayers. If you’re looking for a last minute thoughful gift for Valentine’s Day (or anniversary, birthday, or Christmas) I suggest you take a closer look at this volume.

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