What Motivates You to Give?

Last in a series.

Does living a life of generosity appeal to you? Would you like to be part of God’s generosity to others and be used by God to cause others to glorify him? 2 Corinthians 8-9 provides you with a road map for living a life of generosity.

The journey begins with being generous with what God has already given you. What does it mean to be generous? You might begin by taking a look at your tax statement. What was your total income in 2009? How much of that did you give toward kingdom work? 2% 5% 10%? According to a 2007 McClatchy study, Americans making more than $20,000 per year gave an average 2.3% of their income to all charities, while those who made less than $20,000 gave 4.3 %.

But regardless of what you give toward kingdom work last year – even if it was 10% or more – was it generous? One way to discover the answer to that is to ask why you give what you give. Is it the minimum amount required? Does it meet – but not exceed – an obligation? Or is it out of exceeding gratitude to what God has given you? Do you give because Jesus is your treasure? If Jesus is not your treasure and your money/possessions are then Scripture would suggest that you should give more because where your treasure is there your heart will also be. Your heart follows your money. If you want to treasure Jesus more then give more of your treasure to him!

Your generous forgiveness toward others means that you can live in peace and unity with them. Your generosity of unconditional love toward your husband or wife keeps your marriage from becoming another unfortunate statistic. Your generosity of care and concern for that relative or neighbor can actually cause people to praise God for his generosity. Allow that same attitude of generosity to impact your financial resources, too.

What will you do today – this week – to take a first step toward living a life of generosity? Since God has been so generous toward you how can you be anything less toward others and toward him?

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