An Open Letter to Jon Acuff


It’s been really fun to watch the excitement around the realease of your first book – Stuff Christians Like. In fact, I ordered three copies and when they arrived here at the church the staff gathered around reading stories aloud to one another. (Not a real productive day but it made for some good staff bonding!) I’m glad that the book is doing so well and that several media outlets have picked up the story. You write well and it will be good for people to see that Christians actually have a sense of humor!

With your new-found success and celebrity status I’m hoping that you will be able to answer several burning questions that I have:

1) Where unicorns created before or after the Fall.

2) If unicorns were created after the Fall then does that make them part of the ‘curse’ – like misquitos, terantulas, and cats?

3) Were unicorns on the Ark? If so, did they come off the Ark when Noah parked it on Mt Ararat or did they get off in Ireland? (See: Irish Rovers and the Unicorn song.)

4) Are there any fossil records of unicorns or just horned owls, horned toads, and horned lizards?

5) Has a unicorn ever won the Kentucky Derby?

I eagerly await your answers!

Congratulations, Jon and best wishes as you use your gift for the Kingdom!


Stuff Christians Like is available at Amazon.

2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Jon Acuff

  1. Jon Acuff

    Great questions:
    1. Before the fall. Without a doubt. Adam rode unicorns exclusively. Then, we lost them in the fall.
    2. See first answer
    3. They were not on the ark, which is a big part of why Moses got so drunk/naked when they had their first harvest. He was mourning the loss of the unicorns.
    4. Trying to find a fossil record of a unicorn is like trying to “bottle a rainbow.” It can’t be done.
    5. See answer 1, pre fall. Sadly, pre fall.

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