Next Gen Mentoring

I launched a Next Gen Mentoring group in February under the watchful eye of Regi Campbell’s Next Gen Mentoring ministry. We’ve met four times and we’re just about half-way through the program. Here’s what I’ve observed and learned so far:

1. Men respond when the challenge is huge. Each guy had to pay $200 up front! They are all expected to memorize two verses each month. Each guy brings a printed ‘net-out’ of the assigned book to each monthly session. Sessions run 3-4 hours each. There is relational homework – much of it related to their marriages.

2. Men  respond when the pay-off is huge. Here are a bunch of guys for whom personal spiritual growth has been high on the wish-list but low on results. The multi-pronged approach to discipleship/mentoring delivers the results that they have wanted to see but didn’t know how to get.

3. Men respond to honesty. In our first session I had a chance to introduce myself to them with my faith-story. The honest transparency of that story set the stage for the rest of the guys. Never have I been in a group with men where the level of honesty has gone so deep so quickly. Never.

4. Men will read. So far these men have read three books: Love & Respect, True Faced, and The God You Can Know. Currently they are reading The Treasure Principle, and Louder Than Words. It helps that we spend a full-hour reporting on what we learned from each book and have to distribute written copies of that ‘net-out’ to each other.

5. Men want to grow spiritually. But they need some help – some structure – to make it happen. Regi Campbell has built in high levels of accountability throughout the program that really keep things moving. No one lags behind or makes excuses.

This is flat-out the best thing I’ve ever seen for men! The commitment level is high for everyone – including the leader. NextGen Mentoring is not something that you can just add to a maxed-out schedule but it is worth clearing time in your schedule for.

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