Becoming a Triple Threat

Alan Danielson is a leader of leaders. His blog is a rich resource of leadership skills, small groups, and social media. Alan just released an ebook “Triple Threat Leadership” available on the Triple Threat website for  $9.99 (or keep reading to see how you can get a FREE COPY!).

3Threat Leadership is an incredibly practical workbook that well help you and your entire leadership team take their leadership to a new level. How? Good question. Here’s how:

Begin by focusing on the three critical skills of a triple threat leader –

1. the ability to cast Vision
2. the ability to create Strategy
3. the ability to foster Relationships

Already good in one or two areas but you haven’t mastered all three skills? Not to worry. Alan will point you in the right direction to help you get started and become a  more successful leader. You will discover the interdependent relationship between each of the three critical skills as you take steps to shore up your skill-set.

The heart of 3Threat Leadership is the leadership assessment tool that will clarify your default leadership style and give you a clear view of how to best utilize that style to be a more effective leader. The assessment tool alone is worth the price of the book.

If you’re looking for some personalized help in taking your staff through the assessment process and jump-starting their journey to successful leadership you can contract with Alan to coach you through it. You can contact Alan through his website  –

Alan is such a great guy that he has actually given me five copies of the 3 Threat Leadership e-book to give away to five readers I choose. To enter the give-away just do the following:

1. Leave a comment on this post, and

2. Enter a post on either Facebook or Twitter with this phrase: I entered to win a free copy of 3Threat Leadership at

That’s it! I will select 5 winners no later than June 30.

5 thoughts on “Becoming a Triple Threat

  1. Andrea Schultz

    I love leadership books; so does my hubby! Please consider me for one of the copies!

    Blessings –

    Andrea Schultz
    Ponderings by Andrea

  2. secondchair Post author

    Thanks for posting a comment. I agree. This is a great tool for church leadership teams – and easy to use! Welcome to my blog!

  3. Jeff

    As a pastor of a church this sounds like it would be a great read for me. Something that could really benefit me and our leadership team.

    Thanks for the opportunity

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