Musings for A Monday

As you start a new week here are a few pieces of information that will help you navigate through the week and be more informed as you do!

The “Measure Twice, Cut Once” advice haunts the WA State DOT on a major highway blunder – 1 million dollars worth – on this multi-year project near Tacoma with a misplaced off-ramp.

Cheap Lunch. Quiznos has this great “Choose Two” menu with your choice of a bullet sandwich, soup, or salad for $5. (Drink not included). More variety – and a lot more flavor – than Subway. (The soup & sandwich are served in these nifty compostable bowls, too!)

Is Marriage Dead? According to this article in Newsweek – The Case Against Marriage –  “the permanence of marriage seems naive, almost arrogant.” If this trend continues weddings may someday only happen in church (and probably Vegas!)

Interesting post from about The Nines, but what really caught my attention was her quote from Bill Kinnon about The People formerly known as The Congregation. Worth reading and perhaps commenting on.

iPhone Fever. Should celebrities have special privileges in jumping the long lines on first-day releases of the latest techno-gadget? Would you welcome the privilege? Justin Bateman’s star dims a little in LA last week.

Have a great Monday impressing your friends with these tidbits of knowledge!

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