Musings For A Monday

Okay, so I’m a day late!  Yesterday was a holiday and so today is my Monday – maybe your’s, too! So let’s get started, shall we?

God Bless America – Did your church do the God & Country thing on July 4? As you review that service and make plans for future Sunday’s that coincide with nationalistic holidays include this article in Relevant in your conversation: For (Too Much) Love of Country.

Baseball Trade Deadline – Seattle will hate to see Cliff Lee go. He’s an excellent pitcher and he has been generous with his time – giving other pitchers some peer-t0-peer mentoring – but this is one trade they must make. And the Twins should do whatever it takes to close the deal with Seattle. The Twins need Cliff Lee in their rotation if they want to see any post-season activity.

Oregon Get-Away – Just outside of Silverton, OR is the Oregon Garden. It’s a great location filled with a variety of gardens from formal to whimsical. You’ll find a pet-friendly environment that includes a 400 year old oak tree, numerous fountains, and a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The latest addition is a resort complete with dinner/breakfast packages that we found outstanding. The Garden seems to be suffering from a smaller staff as some weeding and other maintenance appears to have been postponed but it’s still a great destination less than an hour from Portland.

The Wave – I just have to ask: During baseball games should “the wave” be started while the away team is at the plate? Is it meant to energize the home team or is just something that bored fans do? Do real baseball fans ‘do the wave?’

Restaurant of the Week – We discovered Jimmy John’s (or JJ’s) sandwiched in the Pioneer Square district of Seattle several months ago. A new franchise just opened in Federal Way where we live. While it is a chain they do a great job of serving up tasty sandwiches (unlike that other national chain where all their meats taste exactly the same!).

Second Chair Wisdom – Who says lightening doesn’t strike in the same place twice?  For the second time in my career I was called on a  Saturday to preach the next day due to the illness of the sr pastor. What was more fun this time was that I was on the road and didn’t arrive home until 7 pm! I hate to say this but I found a 25 yr old sermon of mine in a box in the garage which served as the basis the message I preached three times the next day! My advice – start preparing that ’emergency message’ today! At least pick a passage, write an outline, and begin doing some research! As the second chair you are expected to be ready if called upon!

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