Monday Musings

1. It may be mid-July but summer still evades us here in Seattle. Highs in the 60’s yesterday, mid-70’s today while the rest of the nation is bracing for a second summer heat wave. According to the NCDC the city of Seattle gets sunny days 43% of the time. Where does your city rank?

2. Neither our soccer team (Sounders) or our baseball team (Mariners) are hot either. Last night the Sounder’s utilized a goalie who had never played in the MLS. Saturday night Jordan Jennings played in front of 25 people. Sunday night he took the field in front of over 45,000!

3. Tonight the Mariners try to give my Twins a hand by taking on the White Sox. The Twins closed the gap a little over the weekend by winning 3 of 4 against the Windy City’s Sox. This hit in the bottom of the 9th capped a 4-run ninth Sunday for the Twins walk-off victory. I’ll be in the stands at Safeco on Wed night with my brother-in-law from MN. Both of us will be cheering for the Mariners and watching the scoreboard to see how the Twins are doing against the Indians.

4. I enjoyed this interview of Lauren Sandler by Jason Boyett on the myth of the Only Child Syndrome. (I am the parent of an only who breaks all the stereotypes!)

5. Performing my first wedding in over 3 years on July 31 in beautiful downtown Centralia, WA. Working on my wedding meditation today. Leaning toward a few words about what covenantal relationships look like. Let me know if you have any other ideas!

6. Anne Jackson (@flowerdust) is riding a bicycle across the country as part of the Ride:Well tour to raise awareness for clean drinking water in Africa.. She has a few open dates on her speaking calendar at the end of the summer. Check out the details of her cause and her open dates at her blog –

7. A thoughtful article on the missional nature of orphan adoption in the current issue of CT.

8. Another post by Jason Boyett – this time in Relevant on 9 things You Should Know Before You Turn 30! (I wish I had but maybe there’s still time for you!)

9. Finally, I got to help build our new worship center. The framers needed help raising the first wall and most of the staff jumped at the chance to help. That’s me in the red hard-hat 5th from the left.

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