Monday Musings

Wow! What a week. But today’s the beginning of a new week so let’s get started with Monday’s Musings.

1. Donald Miller presents one simple idea for you to rise above your peers. Curious? You’ll have to go to his blog to read the details. (That was a hint!)

2. This just in from Justin Taylor: Evangelicals and the Pro-Choice Vote: From Mark Driscoll’s interview with Randy Alcorn:

3. Here in the Seattle area we have a christian radio station that is part of the Spirit network – 105.3 – that is pretty middle-of-the-road christian pop/rock/worship. It’s a little sappy for my tastes. On a recent road trip I discovered an Air1 station that I really liked. As the “positive, alternative” they put the contemporary in CCM! I downloaded their app to my Droid since there is no local station in my area.

4. Had a great lunch Sunday with my wife in Tacoma, WA at the Rosewood Cafe. Very creative menu (I had a tuna & capers sandwich and my wife had a tomato, basil, and brie sandwich), nice vintage neighborhood location (including outdoor seating), and even some comfort food like mac & cheese and chicken pot pie. (The actual restaurant is much nicer than the pictures on the website!)

5. Brett Favre watch. The singular authority on all things sports in Minnesota is Sid Hartman. (Don’t believe it unless Sid says it!) Sid reports that Favre will play if his ankle heals and he was working out in the heat on Saturday to test his ankle.  I don’t really care about Favre but I think he would be good for the Vikings so for that reason I hope he does return.

6. If you’re an executive pastor or other second chair leader in your church I recommend this important article in Christianity Today about the state of money and giving in the church.  Mike Bonem is an author and second chair leader.

7. We started online giving at our church in May and those early adopters have really jumped on board! Now we’re seeing some of the early majority entering into the process, too. It looks like our monthly online totals will be the equivalent of a Sunday offering perhaps as early as this month. We are using the services of DonateLinq to provide us secure services for EFTs and credit card giving.

8. And now for the numbers! I had a basic blood test last week for things like cholesterol and triglycerides – yes, those numbers!  The good news was that all of the previously bad numbers are now in the ‘normal’ range. So I guess little things like eating a little better, exercising a little more, and losing a little weight really work! Even my blood pressure was down!

2 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. secondchair Post author

    I had cholesterol at 208 and triglycerides over 400! Besides fenofibrate I’m taking fish oil and garlic supplements. Now my cholesterol is 183 and the triglycerides are down to 107. It’s always good to know those numbers!

  2. Brambo

    Yes sir… I learned the hard way what cholesterol of 400 and triglycerides around 300 can do. Happy to be in the excellent range today, with a majority of my brain still intact. lovaza and simvastatin are doing their work with aplomb. Funny thing is that my body now knows how to lose bad weight and keep the good.

    Keep vigilant and enjoy the feeling of feeling good!

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