Are You Really an ‘Early Adopter?’

Most people who read and write blogs will probably place themselves in the first 16% of people who embrace change:

2.5 % – Innovators

13.5 – Early adopters

34% – Early majority

34 % – Late majority

16% – Laggard (or as I like to say, the ‘not-over-my-dead-body’ group)

The question I have for everyone is to what extent does your willingness to embrace change impact your willingness to be transformed by the Gospel? As a follower of Jesus do you readily make the changes that Jesus is calling for in your life? Or do you do so only after much foot-dragging and even rebellion? If you find yourself putting limits on how much of your day is spent with Jesus or if you are comfortable with a ‘Sunday-only’ kind of relationship with Jesus, then maybe you’re not as open to change as you think you are.

Just because you like contemporary worship and follow all of the trendiest pastors/teachers/bloggers doesn’t mean that you accept change easily. It may be that you are hiding behind those things, using them as a shield to keep the arrows of transformation from piercing your heart. So before you write-off those late majority types and laggards as being out of touch with the new reality, take a closer look at how easily you are allowing your life to be transformed by Jesus.

1 thought on “Are You Really an ‘Early Adopter?’

  1. Alex Shippee

    You make a good point about how to approach personal change. If you’re taking it seriously, you don’t just ration out some time for it; it’s what consumes you every day. Nice post.

    Out of curiosity, is that picture from Seth Godin’s “The Purple Cow” by any chance?

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