Monday Musings

1. Here’s a great post by Kevin DeYoung who argues for more faithful, risk taking plodders as church leaders. Doesn’t exactly sound like the stereotypical church planter these days but that’s the point!

2. My wife and I stumbled on a little restaurant in Sumner, WA called the Buttered Biscuit. They advertise “gramma food” which appears to be true of their breakfast menu. We stopped in for lunch and had some tasty sandwiches that didn’t remind me of my grandma’s cooking at all! I’m not sure they know who they really are as a restaurant (too many themes seem to be going on at once – comfort food, Mexican, Italian, ribs, etc.) but the food we ordered was good and the service was friendly so I think we’ll go back for breakfast some day. I couldn’t find a website for the Buttered Bisquit but there is a mention on TripAdvisor.

3. We’re going to start a men’s group/class this fall at our church that focuses on developing men of godly character. Some of the themes we will address will be honesty, integrity, purity, generosity, leadership, etc. Our desire is to help men develop supportive, encouraging relationships with other men that will help them grow as disciples but we don’t want this to be a dry men’s “Sunday School” class. I would like to hear from others about how you have effectively helped men become better leaders, husbands, fathers, friends, and followers.

4. I’m a semi-committed baseball fan. Having lived in the NW for 15 years I have developed an appreciation for the Seattle Mariners (insert favorite punch line here). My wife and I attend about 10 games each year at Safeco but I’m a life-long Twins fan. It’s been fun watching the Twins field a competitive team these past three years. (Today the surging Twins lead the American League Central by 5 games!) This Saturday my wife and I will be at Safeco when the Twins come to town. And thanks to a brother and a brother-in-law in Minnesota with ticket connections, I might get to attend two Twins games at the new Target Field next month! I hear it’s an amazing ballpark.

5. Two of my favorite missionaries are John & Mel Bjorgen – young first-term missionaries to Belize. They are the real deal and I enjoy reading their blog posts. You might, too.

6. We used to live in Spokane, WA. Here’s a few of our favorite Spokane restaurants: Maggies South Hill Grill is a great owner-operated eatery on Spokane’s South Hill that is almost always busy! A very creative and great-tasting menu. Tomato Street is a fun Italian place for the whole family on Spokane’s north side. Good portions. Just make sure you don’t fill up on their fantastic garlic bread!  The Park Bench is a seasonal walk-up in Spokane’s historic Manito Park. It’s a great place for lunch in the midst of several outstanding gardens – and they’re all FREE (the gardens, that is). A great place for appetizers is the Steel Head Grill on N Howard.

Have a great week!

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