The Great Minnesota Get-Together

I get nostalgic for Minnesota this time every year. Yesterday was Opening Day at the Minnesota State Fair. Growing up in Minnesota always included a trip to the Fair. For me it was really all about the variety of foods – milk shakes at the Dairy Barn, Mini Donuts from a street vendor, lunch at one of many diners run by churches, and cheese curds! All of the local TV & radio stations broadcasted live at the Fair for the 12-day run. The grandstand includes racing, concerts, and other events. Let me give you a sense of the scale of the Fair. Seattle Center – the site of the Seattle World’s Fair in 1962 – would fit inside Minnesota’s ‘Machinery Hill’ that featured acres and acres of new farm equipment! It always seemed like you would walk and walk and never see the whole fair – from the farm displays, the arcades, and the rides on the Midway. It’s a great place to spend a day or two as summer comes to a close.

Over the years we’ve attended some county fairs (which can be kind of fun in their own right) to other regional & state fairs. They just don’t seem to measure up to the Great Minnesota Get-Together! Do you have any favorite fair memories or stories?

4 thoughts on “The Great Minnesota Get-Together

  1. secondchair Post author

    We’ve been to some really fun county fairs – but never the Steele. Sounds like a good time!

  2. secondchair Post author

    Enjoy the Fair, Phil – I’ll miss it again. Have you done the deep fried Twinkies? I will be in town for two Twins games in Sept. Maybe I’ll drive through the empty fairgrounds just for fun!

  3. Phil Thompson

    It really is an amazing fair! I’ve got tickets for Saturday. One of the fun things I like to do is see all the creative fried foods – this year there is a deep fried martini bar – I’ll drink one for you Joe – of couurse for research purposes only:)!

  4. Steve Anderson

    If you’re ever in Southern MN in August, the Steele County Free Fair is the largest Free Fair in MN and perhaps anywhere. It’s pretty awesome and really, you get the MNStateFair on a smaller scale (yes, it’s possible) and free is sure cheaper than the $10 entrance fee in Roseville. Oh, and if you’re here, I’ll buy you a gyro or burrito or something crazy on a stick.

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