What If….

I just finished using Alan Danielson’s small group video: “What If Our Small Group…” with our current small group. Alan asks four probing questions that would be good for any small group to ask of themselves. “What if we cared? What if we were honest? What if we failed? What if we got off the couch?” Alan asks these questions out of his personal conviction that small groups should be missional groups more than study groups.  From that conviction, Alan attempts to motivate small groups everywhere to think less about gaining more and more information from the Bible and be more and more transformed by what they already know about it!

Over the years I’ve been part of several groups. Many of them (okay, most of them) have hovered around a certain “we’re christians so we’re just supposed to pretend that we like everyone and everything” mentality that means we would never ask these four questions let alone wait around for the answers! And so we settle into a nice little fill-in-the -blank kind of existence that is less than fulfilling but it meets our obligation to be in a group. Privately, we are relieved when the leader calls and tells us that group has been cancelled this week.

If that describes you and your small group, then I would encourage you to use “What If…” with your group. Even if you don’t think that really describes your group you should still use this material. Maybe your group members are just too polite to tell you the truth (see questions #2!) about how they feel about the group. Small groups that learn to care for one another, learn to be honest with each other, learn to accept failure within the group, and learn to put their faith into action are much more likely to become transformed followers of Jesus then in those that do not. When the Gospel is lived and breathed in their group (and not just talked about) there will be a soul-satisfying purpose and bond that will emerge and we call that “community!”

So what if your small group made a difference in your lives? Check out this dvd curriculum from Alan Danielson and help your group discover the answer.  “What if…” is available from bluefishtv.com for $34.99.

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