They Say It’s Your Birthday!

Yes, it is my birthday today! (Thank you!) Here are some random birthday thoughts as I add another year to the distance between my birth and now.

1) My 2010 birthday is not a BIG one (one’s that end in a 0 or a 5.) That will happen in 2011.

2) Birthday numbers are funny. When I turned 39 no one believed me! So I told people that if it makes them feel better then think of me as 40. That was a long time ago!

3) I’m at the age where my wife and I have stopped trying to make our birthdays a national event. We used to hunt for gifts and then give each other 3 birthday cards. Now we tend to by one item that we would both like and call it good for both of us. The card giving has been officially reduced to two. If you’re looking for a reason you can blame it on the economy. (Have you seen the price of birthday cards lately?)

4) September is a huge month for our little family. This month we will celebrate my birthday, my daughter’s, and our granddaughter’s first! I have a brother and a brother-in-law with Sept birthdays and a nephew that shares the same birthday as mine. I’ve heard that in any random group of 100 people there will be at least two people with the same birthday.

5) I’m planning on spending my birthday doing some yard work and then kayaking with my father-in-law in the Puget Sound. Later we will BBQ a dinner and eat my favorite cake (yellow with chocolate frosting and vanilla ice cream). Our daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter will arrive later tonight from Portland. It will be great to have so many family gathered together for the weekend.

6) I was actually born on Labor Day and my birthday frequently falls on that weekend. This year is no exception (if you count Friday as part of the weekend!). Along with that, it was usually close to back-to-school, too. So growing up I always had some back-to-school clothes wrapped as gifts. Realize that everyone else got back-to-school clothes, too. It’s just that mine were wrapped and called a present! (I’m over it. Really. I am. Just ask my therapist!)

7) Does anyone form Minnesota remember lunchtime with Casey Jones and his side-kick Round House Rodney? They would scroll birthday names on the tv screen everyday while the birthday song played: “Happy, Happy Birthday to every girl and boy. Hope this very special day brings you lots of joy. Hope this birthday present you get from Mom and Dad, will make this very special day the best you’ve ever had.” Watch it here.

8) When it’s your turn, I hope you have as wonderful of a birthday celebration as I am having today!

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