Monday Musings

I just got back from a little time-off with my wife in L.A. We visited Disneyland (my first time!) as well as other attractions. I’ll write specifically about some of the details of the trip in  later posts. I miss the sunshine but it’s good to be back.

Those Twins!

If you read my blog regularly you know that I’m a Twins fan. While I was on the road the Twins were steamrollered by the Yankees. Unbelievable end to a magical season – the first for the Twins in it’s new Target Field. I’m shocked and disappointed that their season came to end so soon. I had the privilege of attending two games there in late September and have some observations to make when comparing Target Field to Safeco Field.  (More on that in a future post.)

Southern California

We had a great trip to L.A. for a few days. Besides Disneyland we saw the Mission at San Juan Capistrano, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, the UCLA campus, and beaches at Malibu, Hermosa, Laguna, and Santa Monica. We attended church at Saddleback (more on that in a later post) and had lunch at In and Out. We even got to see some friends.  A really fun trip – the weather was nice and the traffic wasn’t bad at all. My only complaint? The trip was too short!

Email Newsletter

I’ve started using Mail Chimp to create and send weekly newsletters for our church. I like the professionalism of the appearance, the relative ease of use, and the pricing (with our volume it’s FREE!). The advantage of using a service like Mail Chimp is the improvement in appearance in people’s in-boxes over creating something in Outlook or Publisher that gets butchered when being transmitted due to Microsoft’s horribly messy code.

Being Missional My Kill Your Church

Great article at the Resurgence. Take a few minutes to read this.

A New & Improved Christianity?

This book by Gabe Lyons is the latest to hit my ‘must read’ list. The Next Christians: The Good News About the End of Christian America. Read this preview to the book at Relevant.

Boomer vs. Millennial

I was giving some thought to my place in today’s culture while in CA last week. I’m a boomer by birth but have picked up some millennial habits. I’ll share more on that tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by.

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