Monday Musings

I am a big fan of the Amazon Kindle. Until now there wasn’t another reader that looked remotely interesting. The iPad does plenty of cool stuff but isn’t a very good reader. The Sony reader is too small and the Nook simply doesn’t have the immense library that the Kindle has. But this newest version of the Nook might be the game changer that could force Amazon to do a super-upgrade of their Kindle.


Are all Christian movies horrible? I’ve lived long enough that I’ve seen some pretty cheesy movies made by Christians. Even Fireproof caused some nervous laughter in some overly melodramatic scenes. The guys over at Relevant posted these thoughts about Christian film making.


Does hiccuping make people do strange things? Apparently so. Here’s an article in the that is downright troubling.


Adam Young  a.k.a. Owl City records Christian song. Young talks about his life and faith on this blog entry at Owl City. It includes a recording of him singing In Christ Alone. He closes the entry with: When He comes for His own, He will have no trouble recognizing me… because my banner will be clear.

Iraqi christians were taken hostage over the weekend. It didn’t end well.


Pacific Northwest teams establish a new low in futility! The two major college teams (Huskies and Cougars) were shut -out on Saturday. Huskies lost to Stanford 41-0 while the Cougars lost to Arizona State 42-0.  Sub-total: 83-0. Add in the Seahawks loss to Oakland (33-3) and you’re up to 113-3. Finally, the Sounders lost to the LA Galaxy in soccer 1-0 for a final weekend sports roundup of 114-3. Four teams, two days, three points! At least we have the Mariners to look forward to!

7 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. secondchair Post author

    To me the multi-functionality of the iPad sets it apart from most other devices – and I expect that it will only get better. Given that, including the iReader in it’s arsenal makes sense. I wouldn’t suggest buying both an iPad and a Kindle necessarily. But I wouldn’t purchase the iPad to use primarily as a reader. It’s not that it is a “bad” reader, just not a very good reader if you plan to read a lot – eye strain and battery life being the primary issues.

  2. secondchair Post author

    “It’s just another Android tablet with an LCD reflective touch screen…” Those elements have certainly demonstrated B & N’s commitment to the Nook and will be enough for some people to choose the Nook over the Kindle or even a more expensive iPad. The limited battery life is a consequence of those features.

  3. Daniel

    Hi Joe – do you have an iPad and have you done a lot of reading on it?

    I personally have loved the reading experience of my iPad; I use and enjoy both iBooks and Kindle for iPad and have gone through several books with it.

    There’s no denying that the Kindle (hardware), by virtue of being a single-purpose device, can offer a reading experience that is equally competent if not slightly “better” (for many people) than the iPad qualitatively. I just don’t know if it’s fair to say that just because of that, the iPad is therefore a “bad” reading device. It’s probably not the best choice if all you’re interested in is reading, but it’s far from a “bad” experience reading on it.

  4. RandomizeME

    How is the new Color Nook a game changer? It’s just another Android tablet with an LCD reflective touch screen AND just has 8 hours of battery time?

    If the color Nook offered the color Mirasol eInk screen, that would be a game changer.

  5. secondchair Post author

    The Kindle is just a reader. Nothing more. It doesn’t have many bells and whistles. But on some crucial issues it beats the competition. Battery life is unmatched. Since the screen emits no light (one reason for long battery life) you can read it in direct light. The no-light screen also is easier on the eyes, causing little or no eye strain. It’s weight and size makes it more comfortable to hold over longer periods of time. Kindle does need to add some beefier search features but you can search for a phrase or word. It is not ideal for research applications or jumping from one place to another unless you have them bookmarked (although the DX version might be better suited for that). It is just a reader. But when just reading through a book I think the Kindle is outstanding. Check out some of my previous posts under the Kindle tab on the right side of the blog.

  6. Angie W.

    I’m curious as to why you think the Kindle is better than the iPad. Neal just got me an iPad and so far I prefer the iBook reader to the Kindle for iPad–but I admit I’m lacking in experience. So far as I can figure out, the Kindle version does not let me search a reference in my Kindle version Bible–I just have to scroll along and guess where I am. Also the Kindle doesn’t let me adjust screen brightness like the iBook does. But maybe if you just have a Kindle reader, it is better???

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