Be A Better Mentor

Last weekend I concluded my first group mentoring experience with six other guys. I used Regi Campbell’s NextGen Mentoring program and highly recommend it. Here’s an overview of this 10-month program:

High Expectations

The mentoring experience is very demanding. The participants are required to attend each session. In between sessions there is homework – read a prescribed book, write a 1-page “net-out” of the book and bring copies for everyone. Complete relational homework with your spouse and memorize two scripture passages each month. That’s pretty unusual for most church-based men’s ministries. How many men do you know that have read 10 books this year?

High Commitment

Each participant pays $200 up front for the materials. They must commit to attending every scheduled meeting or personally arrange with everyone else in the group for an alternative date & time. Reading a book each month requires great discipline for most men.

High Accountability

Each participant is paired up with an accountability partner that check in with each other to maintain progress. At the group sessions everyone hands out their prepared net-outs. They all recite the memorized scripture. And they all report on their relational homework.

I am in the midst of recruiting a class of men for 2011. It’s great stuff. One weakness could be that it is heavily weighted toward a classroom model. We did through in a dinner for the men and their wives early on (as detailed in the NextGen materials) and added a nice dinner out with all the men and their wives, too. I have already had at least one man who wants to explore leading his own group in 2011.

This is a great way for second chair leaders to play a significant role in developing men in your church into better husbands, better fathers, better Christ-followers, and better men. It has allowed me to get to know six other men better than I would have through any other ministry or event. And it’s pure ministry. There is no underlying agenda. You’re not training these men to benefit your area of ministry.

Visit the NextGen Mentoring site for more information – including details on a new program for women!

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