Monday Musings

Kudo’s to Michael W Smith!

My wife and I attended the MW Smith Christmas concert in Kent, WA last night. We really enjoyed it – the final performance on the tour. I’ll write more tomorrow.

Ed Stetzer in USA Today

Ed Stetzer is a real gift to the church with all of his research and insights into the N. American church culture. In this article he identifies an increasing gap between the spiritual and secular celebration of Christmas.

Heisman Trophy Follow-Up

Did you know that according to the NCAA’s own rules Cam Newton was ineligible to receive the Heisman this year? They waved the rule so that the best player in college football could still receive the award. Great article from a local sports writer.

A Social Network Christmas

By now you’ve seen this video clip about the telling of the nativity story through social media. Well done!

Driscoll on Santa

Hopefully you’ve seen this article by Mark Driscoll on the evils of Santa. (If you agree with that then you haven’t read the article!) He makes several great points. If you are a parent, did you tell your kids the truth about Santa?

The Next Christians

Gabe Lyons has written an amazing follow-up to UnChristian. If you are still looking for a Christmas gift you can’t go wrong putting a copy of The Next Christians book under the tree! I’ll review it later this week.

Transformational Leadership

This is the video that we’re starting our staff training with tomorrow. Do you know of other excellent resources on the topic of leadership?

Pray for City Church

I never met Pastor Wendell Smith of City Church but his reputation of godly leadership is well-known and broadly acknowledged. He ended his long battle with cancer over the weekend. Here’s an article on his life and ministry from Catalyst West.

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