Second Chair Is Filled with Variety

I sit in the second chair at Our Savior’s. It’s a great seat. I get to work with a team of committed leaders and devoted followers of Jesus. My role is constantly in flux. There really is no routine. This week I am writing a message for one of the services this Sunday (our youth pastor, Tim Vincent, is taking the other service). I’m also working on filling two staff positions. One is for a 15-20 hour administrative assistant. We would like to fill the position with someone who has some graphics experience but most of the job is typical clerical support (word processor, data entry, etc.). Fortunately, I have filled that position temporarily until the whole staff can weigh in on a list of priorities to be addressed by the person in that position.  The second position is for a 30 hr/wk Children’s Ministry Director with responsibility for creating and coaching ministry teams to provide a wide-range of ministry to our children, birth through grade 5. If you live in the Seattle area and would like more details on either of these positions, let me know.

Leading the charge on filling these positions is a good example of the kind of things that second chair leaders can do to take some of the weight off the shoulders of our first chair leaders. It is helpful when second chair leaders take on projects in various seasons to relieve some of the pressure on their first chair leaders so that they can focus on their core functions. Depending on the personality of the first chair, the second chair may need to volunteer for these projects, essentially “protecting” the first chair leader from getting overwhelmed by secondary tasks.

Regardless of your formal job description I would encourage second chair leaders to fill in the gaps in their ministry or organization. Note: you must still address your core responsibilities that you were hired to do, but don’t be shy about taking on a few more projects.  In addition to filling these two staff positions, other recent projects I’ve taken on included updating our phone system, switching internet providers (something that took almost 2 years!), introducing online giving, coordinating repairs following a burst pipe, and purchasing several items (vacuum, display cases, coffee maker, TV’s, banners, etc) for our new worship center. In my experience, I am able to complete these projects more quickly than if the first chair leader added them to his already full schedule. Along the way I get to add some more variety to my position while doing things that I really enjoy – and I get to make helpful contributions to the team and to the ministry of our church.

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