Here in the Puget Sound region we frequently hear about a meteorological phenomenon called a “convergence zone.” Basically, it describes what happens when winds coming off the Pacific Ocean collide with the Olympic Mountains out on the Olympic Peninsula. These winds wrap around to the north and to the south and as the come up against the much larger Cascade Mountains they once again travel north and south – this time toward each other. The area where they collide is called the ‘Convergence Zone‘ and often results in rainfall or snow.

The group of churches that I hang out with are called Converge. According to their website, they are a movement of churches that is:

  • Spiritually dynamic
    We glorify God in all we do, trusting in the authority of his Word, the sufficiency of his Son, the power of the Holy Spirit and his delight in prevailing prayer.
  • Missionally driven
    We multiply transformational leaders and churches, reproducing the life of Christ in disciples, leaders and congregations worldwide.
  • Relationally devoted
    We display Christ’s love in our relationships and ministry partnerships, expressing his compassion, generosity and his irenic spirit.
  • Culturally diverse
    We advance Christ’s destiny for his church—a church that reflects the beauty and synergy of worshipers from all peoples and cultures.

I like to think of it as the place where people and the Gospel converge – all for the glory of God – through aggressive church planting and transformational leadership. It’s a good group of churches and leaders to be associated with.

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