Luxury on a Budget

It’s Valentine’s Day! Millions of people will be spending hundreds of millions of dollars to express their love to that special someone. Many will find inexpensive ways to tip their hat to this biggest non-holiday day of the year. (If you don’t think Valentine’s Day is a big deal just try ignoring it!  Bad idea!!) After all of the fancy dinners, flowers, chocolate, heart-shaped pizzas, etc. have come and gone, how are you going to shower your loved one with expressions of affection and still be able to afford to eat? Here are just a few simple suggestions of ways  you can give and enjoy a little luxury on a budget.

Clean those sheets! You know how nice it is to climb into a bed with clean sheets? Most of us feel like we’re doing a pretty good job if we launder our bedding once or twice a month. If you want to gift your mate with some simple luxury just make the bed with clean sheets twice a week! It takes a little work but if you own 2-3 sets of sheets it’s pretty easy to re-make the bed with fresh sheets and get the old ones  washed before you need them.

Don’t forget the towels! Same thing goes for the towels. Those bath towels can get pretty ripe after 7-10 days. So wash them twice a week, too. You’ll feel like you live in a hotel. One more thing on towels. You know that hand towel near the sink? The one you wipe your hands with and even wipe off your face after you brush your teeth? Re-read that last sentence and then give some thought to changing out that towel everyday. If you buy 4-5 matching hand towels you’re all set.

Buy name brands of your favorite foods. If you make a commitment to eating at home more then treat yourself to at least eat some decent meals.  Reach past those store-brand frozen veggies and get the good stuff! Don’t just buy whatever coffee is on sale – buy the brand you like! If you’re drinking more coffee at home you’re not spending as much at that national coffee shop chain so enjoy it!

Get meals to go. When we want to celebrate on a budget we order our meal to go. Outback dinners are cheaper at home (smaller tip and no restaurant beverage charges) and the service is a lot better. You get to enjoy a restaurant meal at a budget price.

Get to the theater early I mean real early. We just recently discovered that if we go to a Saturday morning movie we save about 40% off the ticket price ($5.50 vs $8.50). The luxury of a movie on a really wide screen at a fraction of the cost!

How else do you enjoy a little luxury on a budget?

1 thought on “Luxury on a Budget

  1. novelideasandchildren

    These were great ideas! I am not a celebrator of Valentines, but my husband and I love to treat ourselves in various ways with out going too crazy! My favorite is getting certain foods that we do not typically buy.

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