Are You Good Enough?

Andy Stanley has released a mini-book titled, “How Good is Good Enough?” In less than 100 pages Stanley presents a fresh apologetic for the Gospel. He very adeptly addresses one common question/misconception surrounding the Christian faith. That is that since God is a good God that he wouldn’t send good people to hell because that wouldn’t be fair. Could it be that God would actually send ‘bad’ people to heaven? Would that be fair?

Stanley points out that the standard of ‘good’ is unknown. Who is really ‘good’? What do you have to do to be ‘good’? The major religions of the world all have differing definitions of what it means to be ‘good’ so who is right and who is wrong? And then how good is good enough? Mother Theresa good? Sunday School teacher good? Uncle Henry good? What if you end up one good deed short or one day short of making the’ good enough’ quota?

The Bible says nothing about doing good works in order to get to heaven. Old Testament laws were written to show us our sin. Stanley writes: “The law declares me guilty, but it provides no promise of forgiveness.” (p. 74) If being good isn’t good enough, then what’s left?

Stanley writes, “Christianity teaches that when man sinned, God opted for forgiveness rather than fairness. He opted for grace and mercy rather than justice. What he offers you is more than fair. A new Testament writer explained it this way: “You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly.” (p. 89)

Stanley asks: “What could be fairer than this?

  • Everybody is welcome.
  • Everybody gets in the same way.
  • Everybody can meet the requirement. (p.90)

“Good Enough” is a quick read that might be helpful for you to hand to that friend or family member that is wrestling with the claims of Christianity. We all know people who believe that they are good enough and that God will certainly give them a pass at the end of their lives. This book will confront that thinking and may be enough for them to “believe Jesus is who he claimed to be and that you are no longer trusting in what you have done, or will do, to get you to heaven.” (p. 92)

I received a complimentary copy of this book from WaterBrook Multnomah publishing group for this review.

1 thought on “Are You Good Enough?

  1. Tom Ireton

    I will read this one. If it is as you say I’ll want to buy more and give them away. The topic of “goodness” came up with regard to World religions in a recent conversation about the gospel with someone close to me.

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