Westboro Baptist Does Not Speak for Me

In a ruling handed down today the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the rights of Fred Phelps and his misguided followers to protest at the funerals of our fallen soldiers. Let me be clear: Westboro Baptist does not speak for me. I exercise my First Amendment rights to state that I reject and condemn not only the message being delivered by this group but their appalling methods as well. The actions of this group (I intentionally will not refer to them as a church) cast a judgmental and hateful shadow on all Christians and churches. They behavior is clearly unchristian and without support from the Bible.

Fred Phelps and those with him are wrong for inflicting additional pain on the innocent families of our fallen soldiers in order to get free publicity. Their actions may be protected by the First Amendment but they have no place coming from those who would claim to be christians. I am also disappointed to see that a group of 21 news organizations including Fox News, joined the brief in defense of Westboro.

I apologize to those who have been hurt by their message and their actions and I call on all christian leaders to condemn the actions of Westboro Baptist as unbiblical and  unchristian.

7 thoughts on “Westboro Baptist Does Not Speak for Me

  1. Tom Ireton

    Amen, Joe. Shouldn’t Christian organizations speak against such demonstrations? Your message Sunday about perceptions, specifically, perceptions of Christians by unbelievers, was right on. Those perceptions are based, I think, more on valid objections to evil acts by groups like Westboro and other wolves in sheep clothing than to objections against true followers of Christ they may actually know. They may not know the difference between the two kinds of professing Christians but we do because we have insight glesned from Scripture. Is someone born again who does not practice love for others?

  2. Jabber

    To stand in protest at a fallen soliders burial is disgusting. Especially protesting a topic that has nothing to do with the fallen solider. These people do not speak truth and do not speak the word of God. The written word clearly states that while we were still sinnin Christ died for us. Hate the sin not the sinner. Who are you to stand in judgement, while no one on earth can live the life that Christ did; blameless and pure. So hold your signs with disgusting remarks and defaming comments written so ignorantly upon them pray the Lord bestows grace on your soul when your day comes.

  3. secondchair Post author

    Does God “hate” homosexuals? I don’t think so. That message IS unbiblical. Christ died for homosexuals, adulterers, and me.

  4. Paul Bjork

    …. the message that homosexuals will go to hell is a very real one according to the Bible. ….

    along with the gluttons and those who cast the first stone.

  5. AtheistConnect

    I call on all christian leaders to condemn the actions of Westboro Baptist as unbiblical and unchristian.

    The Westboro Church has been condemned by Christian leaders all over the nation, as they should be. But let us not forget that what the Westboro Church is saying, no matter how rudely they say it, is not unbiblical at all – 1 Corinthians 6:9.

    The Phelps Klan may spread the message where they shouldn’t be – the funerals of straight soldiers, but the message that homosexuals will go to hell is a very real one according to the Bible.

  6. Jesse Duckett

    I second your statement. It’s sad that all churches are being lumped in with this group of radicals. It’s sad and unfortunate that using the name of God in such a way will prevent others from willing to hear God’s true message of love, grace, mercy, and forgiveness.

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