The Best Little Book You’ve Never Heard Of!

I’ve been using “The Stranger On The Road to Emmaus” as a discipleship tool for several years. It is written with the basic premise that before you can fully appreciate who Jesus is, you need to grasp some of the major pieces and meet some of the main characters of God’s story prior to the life and death of Jesus Christ. Knowing about Creation, the Fall, Abraham, Israel, Judah, Moses, Passover,  the Ten Commandments, and the Tabernacle creates several “Aha” moments for the reader as they encounter the events surrounding Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.

Most often I have used this book with groups of men – either in small groups or one-on-one. Virtually every time I have used this book with a group of men one of them seems to comment every session with, “I didn’t know that,” or “I never realized that!” The last time I took a new believer through the book he commented that he had never connected the Passover with the ‘passing over.’ I love seeing and hearing men gain a new appreciation for the stories of the Bible and how they connect with the person and work of Jesus.

“The Stranger of the Road to Emmaus” is written by John Cross and published by the Goodseed publisher which may explain why you’ve never heard of this book. There are other resources available at Goodseed including an online video version of the book called “Bible 101.” But wait! There’s more!! In an amazing act of generosity, Goodseed makes “The Stranger” available in a pdf format for FREE if you register on their site! The print version is only $10 and your purchase will help support their ministry. It is extremely well written in an easy-to-understand style that effectively communicates the essentials of the Gospel. I highly recommend it!

“The Stranger” is a great resource to have on your shelf for follow-up discipleship or to recommend as a small group study – especially as we draw closer to Easter.

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