Crime Capital of the Pacific Northwest?

I live and work in Federal Way, WA. It’s a suburban community located on the southern edge of King County (where Seattle is) and runs along the northeast border of Tacoma. There isn’t much that sets Federal Way apart from the neighboring communities. We do host some international businesses and organizations like World Vision and Weyerhaeuser. American Idol Sanjaya and Olympic skater J.R.  Celski are from Federal Way. But besides having two Walmarts, a Costco, a Target, and a rest area on I-5 we are generally filled with ordinary people trying to figure out how our fair city got it’s name! I mean, who names a city after a road?

Apparently one of our Seattle-based local TV/radio news divisions (KOMO 4 News) believes that Federal Way is the crime capital of the entire west side of Washington State! At least 2-3 times every week there is a news story about some crime that took place in Federal Way. Recently we heard a story about the police being called out to a home in neighboring northeast Tacoma. The reporter was kind enough to point out the man who was arrested “was formerly of Federal Way.” That’s right. Even though the crime took place in another city by a resident of that other city, it was deemed newsworthy that he once lived in Federal Way! In another story that made national news last week,  a store clerk was murdered by a co-worker on the east coast. The co-worker who was arrested for murder? Yep. She’s from Federal Way! So now when we listen to the news we assume that the person at the center of the story is from Federal Way! Wisconsin Governor  Scott Walker? Pretty sure he’s from Federal Way. Those jabbering twins all over FB and YouTube recently? I guarantee you there’s some connection to Federal Way! It’s like KOMO News plays ‘Six Degrees of Separation from Federal Way”  in their down time! I’m still waiting to hear about Muammar Gadaffi’s connection to Federal Way!

Today’s Federal Way story? Well, it turns out that our fair city has decided to levy hefty fines on pet owners that do not scoop the poop! In a community that is supposedly riddled with crime the city has now passed regulations that will fine your neighbors when their dogs do their business on your lawn. Federal Way residents can now sleep easy knowing that this scourge on our community has the attention of our city leaders! So if you’re ever in the Seattle area please come visit Federal Way. We have great parks, walking trails, and discount box stores. But you might want to leave your dog at home – unless you don’t mind being the lead story on the six o’clock news!

4 thoughts on “Crime Capital of the Pacific Northwest?

  1. Tom Ireton

    Ditto on “funny”. You were obviously in an offbeat frame of mind yesterday after reading the poop and scoop rules.

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