Organic Experiment Ends

Just a few weeks ago I posted that I was going organic in my lawn care this summer.

Not any more!

Today I smothered the lawn with Scotts Turfbuilder with Plus2 Weed control. I also treated for bugs and grubs and plan to add some iron to the lawn soon. Why? This summer my lawn looks the worst it’s ever looked! (Oh sure, there was that one lawn back in Coeur d’Alene that had been neglected for years before we bought the house. But I used Scotts to bring that lawn back, too!) So I know that I will be mowing more in the coming weeks as all of that nitrogen kicks in but I’m also hoping the lawn will not only green up but thicken up, too!

Over the winter I’ll study up a little to see if there is a better organic alternative but for now I’m selling out to the big corporate lawn conspiracy!

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