Back to a Mac

After a four-year absence I have switched back to a Mac laptop. My old Dell was just getting road-weary. I was afraid to turn it off for fear that it wouldn’t start up. It was heavy and clunky and could no longer perform at its peak. If it had been Old Yeller I might have taken it out to the back 40 and put it out of it’s misery. As it is, we hope to reformat the hard drive, re-install Windows and put it into rotation at the registration desk for our children’s ministry.

I’ve owned an iPad2 for a few months so I’ve become reacqauinted with many of the fine features that Apple has to offer but sitting at this MacBook Pro is simply an amazing experience! The touch pad is technological marvel – swiping pages in Safari is pretty cool. The multi-finger open and close motions, etc. And it’s all pretty intuitive, too. Once I partition the drive, install Windows and Publisher (the ONLY reason I need Windows) so I can continue to collaborate on Publisher-based projects I will be all set.  Perhaps the best thing about the entire Apple experience are the Apple store employees. I would love to get my hands on their customer service training manual (it’s probably available only in a digital version!). Every individual was very helpful. The purchase experience is unique. No schlepping your purchases to the check-out line – they just complete your order on their ubiquitous iPad’s, email you the receipt while the computer is being personally delivered to you by another associate – who just seems to appear from nowhere – and off you go. Even the bag they place your items in is unique.

I’ve signed up for the One-To-One service and will attend my first class soon. I’m anxious to have them help me create my first iMovie! Plus I just want to learn how to take full advantage of the features that are packed into this amazing device.

Perhaps the one thing that surprised me the most was the competitive pricing. WHile there are dozens of PC’s out there selling for under $1,000 it quickly became apparent that those machines would barely replace what I had. They were stripped down basic models. By the time I upgraded to an i5 processor and got the features my job demands the MacBook Pro was comparable. The service, warranty, and reliability of the MacBook made it an easy choice. Will it mean I’ll be posting to SecondChair more frequently? We’ll just have to wait and see!

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