Black Nativity Inspires!

Sunday night Julie and I attended one of the most inspirational and deeply spiritual events in recent memory. The Black Nativity was presented at the historic Moore Theater in downtown Seattle. As we found our front-row seats we wondered if perhaps we were seated too close. Those concerns were quickly erased as the program began and the auditorium was filled with music!

Langston Hughes wrote this “Gospel Song Story” fifty years ago and it has been produced on American stages every year since. This is the 14th year in Seattle and will hopefully be produced for many, many years to come. Through dance, song, brilliant colors, dramatic narration, and pageantry the story of Jesus birth unfolded before us with a beauty and intensity that I’ve never seen or heard before. Such talent! Such joy! Such energy! I worshiped Jesus that night!!

The second half of the program was a review of the immense talent of this cast as we were transported to a Gospel Church worship service. The host/narration here by both Pastor Pat Wright and Pastor Alphonso Meadows was outstanding. This portion of the program was filled with singing, dancing, and laughter – lots of laughter! A stand-out among a series of wonderful performances was the duet of ‘Ava Maria’ by Camella Recchi and Leonard Piggee. It was simply amazing.

I’m so glad that we had front row seats for this experience! I can’t wait to see it again and again year after year. In fact, I wouldn’t mind seeing again THIS year!

The Black Nativity appears at Seattle’s Moore Theater nighty through December 24.

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