My 2012 Reading List

More than anything else, I use this blog to review books – especially those that I find particularly interesting or I think will most significantly benefit those of us who occupy the second chair. I have assembled quite a large stack of books that will be on my 2012 reading list. Here is a partial list – in no particular order:

  1. Becoming a Coaching Leader, Daniel Harkavay
  2. The Litigator, John Grisham
  3. I Am A Follower, Len Sweet
  4. Search & Rescue, Neil Cole
  5. Coaching 101, Logan & Carlton
  6. Bloodlines, John Piper
  7. Tipping Point, Malcom Gladwell
  8. Switch, Heath & Heath
  9. blink, Malcom Gladwell
  10. Leaders Who Last, Kraft
  11. Real Marriage, Driscoll
  12. not a fan, Idleman
  13. Made to Stick, Heath & Heath
  14. Reimagining Church, Viola
  15. Foregiveness Formula, Hitz & Hitz
  16. War Room, Dawson
  17. Gracenomics, Foster
  18. Spiritual Conversations, Rohrmayer
  19. The Way of the Wild Heart, Eldridge
  20. Dug Down Deep, Harris
  21. Generous Justice, Keller
  22. The Reason for God, Keller
  23. Assured of Heaven, Ricker
  24. Connect, Perry

There are a few others that I am looking at but haven’t put in the stack just yet. Any suggestions?

6 thoughts on “My 2012 Reading List

  1. Scott Boren

    Jon, I consult with churches to help them develop small group systems. I find that many small group champions work with Second Chair leaders and the express frustration that they report to bosses who do not understand the nature of how effective small group systems work. Might I suggest two very different kinds of books:
    Small Groups on Purpose by Steve Gladden
    MissioRelate: Becoming a Church of Missional Small Groups by … well it’s by myself.

    Whatever you review, I know that if there is a way to help Second Chair leaders better understand how effective small group systems work, I know of a lot of small group champions who will be very grateful.

  2. secondchair Post author

    Thanks for the suggestions. Yes, several of us Second Chair leaders have responsibilities for small groups and small group leaders. Helping us become better coaches of those leaders will do much to encourage and strengthen small group ministries.

  3. David Bissett

    Hey there Joe, Glad to see an emphasis on reading, but was disappointed in your list. It seems limited only to the newest books. I’m utterly convinced that my personal and professional development has been best advanced by a balance of reading “old” and new works. TWO types of “older” books I’d recommend are those classics which all in ministry should read (such as HOLINESS by JC Ryle), and then, there are so many insightful biographies as well — such as that of CH Spurgeon, who ran or started more than 60 ministries in addition to his own pulpit, and did so in an age of great cultural change. I hope this prompts a few additions to the list — or better yet, a resolve to read at least one “older” book for every couple of new ones. db

    1. secondchair Post author


      Thanks for the good word. I really should read more from dead authors. Languishing on my Kindle are three that I’ll work into the 2012 rotation:

      The Heidelberg Catechism
      Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners, Bunyan
      John Newton, Aitken

      I also have a copy of the 2-volume set of Edwards complete works but doubt I’ll conquer that this year! Maybe I should make that part of a 2012-2020 reading list!


  4. Evan

    Hey Joe,

    We’re honored to be on this list with War Room (#16). For all interested, this is a resource for starting and leading a small group of men. Effectively. The print version, written by 10+ authors (aka “men just like you”), was published recently, and we’re receiving an amazing response from men’s ministry leaders as well as men who are fed up w/ the status quo of America Churchianity. Here’s the official book site:

    To the King,

    Evan Dawson & Third Option Men


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