Are You Taking the Summer Off?

I write this on the final day of Spring 2017. Summer makes it’s entrance today around 9:30pm. With it comes hope of warm sunny days, vacations, and lots of time spent outside. It would be easy to get caught up in the celebration of summer while ignoring the reality of fall lurking just around the corner. We want to make room for kayaking, hiking, road trips, and back-yard barbecues. But a successful fall hinges on a productive summer. Taking time to establish some SMART goals and corresponding steps during this season will help prepare you for the next one.

For example, at Journey Church we launched fifteen Journey Groups (small groups) with 150 adults in September 2016. Journey Groups are essential to accomplishing our mission of “Helping people take the next in their spiritual Journey.” By September 2017 we hope to launch five more groups (for a total of 20 groups) reaching 200 adults. This goal is Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-sensitive. Several steps are required to successfully accomplish this goal. Here’s a sampling of some of those steps:

  • Evaluate each existing group with individual group leaders.
  • Determine each leaders commitment to lead this fall.
  • Obtain names of apprentice leaders who are ready to lead their own group.
  • Recruit new leaders.
  • Schedule and communicate leader’s training sessions.
  • Establish and promote the Journey Groups schedule.

What additional steps would you recommend?
What’s your SMART goal for this fall?

Take a few minutes today to begin thinking through your goals for fall and the steps you will take this summer to achieve those goals. Then go outside and enjoy the summer sun!

(Summer is a great time to get some coaching! Imagine how investing time in getting coached will pay dividends this fall. Contact me here and let’s start the conversation.)


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