Joe Donaldson Coaching

Which Way?Let’s face it. Even though you’ve weathered a few of life’s storms there are still some transitions ahead of you just over the horizon. Job changes, kids, ministry challenges, health, retirement, etc. Will you be ready? Not just in the “doing” but in “being” the kind of man – husband, father, friend, Christ-follower – that you want to be?

I was fortunate to have a few men who mentored me early in my life. But too often these mentor relationships focused on tasks and not on character – “doing” versus “being”. I’m pretty confident my life might have been even better – more spiritually intentional, satisfying, and productive – with a different focus. This is my hope for you as you face changes and transitions in your own life.

Coaching is neither magic or rocket science. It’s simply a series of intentional conversations that enables and equips the one being coached to make their life journey more intentional, satisfying and productive.

Let me ask you to do just one thing: comment below or contact me at and let me know you want to talk with me about exploring a coaching relationship. That’s it. Simple. No commitment. Just a willingness to have an initial conversation.

I look forward to hearing from you!

With Joe Donaldson Coaching you can expect results like these:

“It is truly eye-opening to go through coaching.  The time I spent with Joe involved a lot of things but it is exactly as advertised: coaching.  Not dictating, not forming policy – just coaching.  Joe is excellent at facilitating.  Most times I know an answer to a problem  The real question is do I know the best answer or even the best way to find the best answer.  This coaching format is the best answer for me thus far.”

“Before being coached by Joe Donaldson I would have set a goal and then gotten side-tracked, failing to achieve the goal. Now I’ve learned to look down the road to anticipate conflicts and potential roadblocks and to make adjustments along the way.”


About Joe Donaldson: Married 37 years to Julie, father to Kelli, father-in-law to Jordan, and grandfather to Lucy,  Jacksen, and Boden.  Joe is heavily involved in discipling, mentoring, and coaching Christian leaders. He is a Certified Christian Leadership Coach (CCLC), has been awarded the Associate Coach Certification by ICF (International Coach Federation),  and is a licensed trainer of The COACHING Workshop for Christian Leaders. Joe values you and your experience and believes that with God’s help you can find the answers you are looking for. Coaching will help you identify, clarify, and accomplish your God-given goals – quickly and effectively.ACC_WEB


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