Church Consulting

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Churches come in many shapes and sizes – large, small; multi-staff, solo pastor; urban, rural, suburban; young, old; growing, declining.

No matter their shape or size, all churches face times of challenge and struggle. It’s typical. But what is not typical is how churches navigate those challenges. Many churches – perhaps most – struggle along grabbing at flavor-of-the-month ideas and out-of-the-box programs with predictable results. A few churches take a step back to examine and evaluate where they are and how they got there, while comparing their current reality to where God wants them to go and who he wants them to become.

“The church is God’s Plan A and there is no Plan B.”

Jesus was a carpenter’s son and likely a carpenter himself. Out of all the objects Jesus might have crafted, the Bible records only one item which Jesus built – the church. Not a building – but a movement of people, empowered by the Holy Spirit to tell the Gospel story through the generations and around the world until Jesus returns. The church is God’s only plan to bring the good news of his salvation to a dying world. The churches who fully grasp this truth are the ones seeking to identify God’s unique future for their church. Only a few of those churches will take the important step of inviting a seasoned guide to lead them on this journey of discovery.

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