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Functionally Amish

I think we will all eventually become functionally Amish.

You know who the Amish are. They are a Christian sect found mostly in Pennsylvannia. They may be best known for rejecting modern conveniences and living a simple lifestyle that seems to be frozen in the 1850’s. Those modern conveniences include homes with utilities like running water and electricity, and gas-powered engines that run things like cars, tractors, and Harleys! Apparently, banks require them to keep the electricity hooked up to the house until the mortgage is paid off. At that time the homeowner removes the service to the house. I have to agree with the Amish here – mortgages are not a modern convenience!

So I wonder if we don’t all become Amish at some point – rejecting modern conveniences for the lifestyle of a bygone era? We see it in people who resist or flat-out reject technology. No cell phone. No email. No computer. Landline with an answering machine. Sometimes it pops up in fashion. Double-pleated cuffed pants. “Mom” jeans (especially on men!). Leather fringe jackets.Christians are really good at becoming functionally Amish. Locking into the hymns from the 40’s and 50’s (that’s 1840’s and 50’s!) or the Gaither music of the 60’s and 70’s. We insist that the bible translation that we grew up with is the best. And we are experts at resisting change of any kind.

But Christians aren’t the only people that become functionally Amish. We’re all good at it. We love the familiar and routine. It gives us a certain sense of comfort and security. Eventually we will all watch the History Channel, Turner Classic Movies, and re-runs of Gunsmoke. (Note: since the Amish don’t use electricity they certainly don’t watch old movies.)

The point is eventually most of us will pick a seemingly random point in history and freeze-frame our life in that era. Ten years from now I’ll be easy to spot. I’ll be that balding 65 yr old wearing Tom’s, a David Crowder t-shirt, and black skinny jeans with an iPhone in the front pocket! Which era will you choose to spend the rest of your life in?